Mesothelioma & Asbestos In Arizona

Arizona has been a hot spot for asbestos since the early 1950’s in large part due to extensive mining operations in the state. Currently the state is very adamant about ensuring that this dangerous material is correctly removed and avoided in production.

Below is a list of locations and major cities that have had known cases of exposure to asbestos:

  1. More than six different power plants
  2. Three copper smelting companies
  3. The Solomon’s Mines.
    1. William Russel Grace & Company primarily owned and operated these vermiculite mines
      • Vermiculite is a type of mica frequently used for insulation or moisture resistance.
    2. The mines and production facilities operating in Arizona themselves were not harmful, however the company used vermiculite that was laced with asbestos from a mine in Montana which caused workers to be exposed to dangerous levels of asbestos.

There has been an exorbitant amount of deaths due to asbestos related cancer in this state since the late 1970’s. More than FIVE HUNDRED cases have been recorded in the last thirty years, the bulk of which have been in Maricopa County.

Below is a comprehensive list of companies, operating in Arizona, that have had known cases of Pleural Mesothelioma, Peritoneal Mesothelioma, Pericardial Mesothelioma, or Testicular Mesothelioma. Workers who were employed at any of these companies may have been subjected to life threatening levels of Asbestos.

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Companies in alphabetical order:

1. Abitibi Consolidated
2. American Smelting & Refining Co.
3. Anaconda Copper Mining Co.
4. Apache Station
5. Ariz. Eastern Railroad Co.
6. Arizona Commercial Copper Co.
7. Arizona Copper Co. Ltd
8. Arizona Electric Power Co-op
9. Arizona Public Service Co.
10. Arizona RR Company
11. Arizona State Teacher’s College
12. BHP Cooper
13. Calumet and Arizona Mining Company
14. Childs-Irving Power Plant
15. Cholla Power Plant
16. Cochise Powerhouse
17. Copper Queen Mining Co.
18. Cypress Mines
19. Douglas Improvement Co.
20. Flagstaff Electric Light Company

21. General Electric
22. Gibson Copper Co.
23. Globe Light & Power Co.
24. HP Copper
25. Indian Hospital
26. Inspiration Copper Co.
27. International Consolidated Copper Co.
28. Kennecott Copper Company
29. Kennecott Minerals Company
30. Magma Copper Company
31. Mercury Mines of America
32. Miami Copper Company
33. Navajo Generating Station
34. New Cornelia Copper Company
35. Northern Arizona University
36. Old Dominion Copper Mining & Smelting Company
37. Page Arizona Power Plant
38. Page Power Plant
39. Palo Verde Nuclear Plant
40. Phelps Dodge Corporation

41. Phoenix Cement Company
42. Ponderosa Paper Products Company Inc.
43. Ray Consolidated Copper Company
44. Saginaw and Manistee Lumber Company
45. San Manuel Copper Corporation
46. Shannon Copper Company
47. Smurfit Stone Corp
48. Snowflake Paper and Pulp
49. Snowflake Paper Mill
50. South Western Nitro-Chemical Company
51. Southwest Forest Ind.
52. Southwestern Agrichemical Company
53. Speckle’s Sugar Company
54. Speckles’ Sugar Plant
55. Superior and Boston Copper Company
56. United Verde Copper Co.
57. United Verde Extension Mining Co.
58. U.S. Inspection Station
59. Williams Air Force Base
60. Wisconsin Tissue

If you have worked at or are currently employed at any of these companies and suspect you may have been subjected to unsafe amounts of asbestos we are here to help! If you are looking for a local place to get checked out:

University of Arizona Cancer Center — North Campus (Tucson)

3838 N. Campbell Ave.
Tucson, AZ 85719-1454

We have also compiled a list of what we believe to be the Top Ten Mesothelioma Cancer Centers across the country.

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