Cities in Indiana: Exposed to Asbestos

If you or anyone you know has ever lived and or worked, in any of the following cities, there is a likelihood that you might have been unknowingly unprotected and therefore your health detrimentally affected. Because Asbestos is known to be a cause of Mesothelioma, by clicking on the cities below you can find out which factories or companies you or a loved one may have been connected to any way shape or form to Asbestos.

• Anderson
• Auburn
• Bloomington
• Columbus
• Connersville
• East Chicago
• Elkhart
• Evansville
• Fort Wayne
• Frankfort
• Gary
• Goshen
• Hammond
• Huntington

• Indiana Harbor
• Indianapolis
• Jeffersonville
• Kendallville
• Kokomo
• La Porte
• Lafayette
• Lawrenceburg
• Logansport
• Madison
• Marion
• Martinsville
• Michigan City
• Mishawaka

• Mount Vernon
• Muncie
• New Albany
• New Castle
• Noblesville
• Peru
• Richmond
• Shelbyville
• South Bend
• Terre Haute
• Vincennes
• Wabash
• Whiting

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Indiana’s Connection to Asbestos

Indiana’s exposure mainly has been to employees of it’s steel mills, oil refineries, and power generation plants, where asbestos insulation was usually used as a flame retardant, especially in those mills and refineries burned by fossil fuels. It’s well recorded that corporations in Indiana have stood as defendants in lawsuits which include the state’s only U.S. owned oil refinery – U.S. Steel and Countrymark Cooperative LLP

The Majority of deaths that asbestos brought on between the years 1979 – 2000 mainly came from Still Mills near or in Gary Indiana. Which corresponds with national figures which state that over eighty percent of these deaths from Mesothelioma, were brought on by Asbestos.

Below you will find key labor sites in Indiana, where workers have been proven to have come in contact with Asbestos. Also keep in mind that there are countless older buildings in Indiana that have been either demolished or renovated that had substantial sums of asbestos-containing ingredients.

Fort Wayne

South Bend
Terre Haute

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Work sites known for Asbestos Exposure

Below is a comprehensive list of companies, operating in Kansas, that have had known cases of Pleural Mesothelioma, Peritoneal Mesothelioma, Pericardial Mesothelioma, or Testicular Mesothelioma. Workers who were employed at any of these companies may have been subjected to life threatening levels of Asbestos.

Companies in alphabetical order:

• A.& C.
• A-Bomb Heavy Water Plant
• Alcoa
• Alcoa Aluminum
• Alcoa Power Plant
• Alcoa Warrick Power Plant
• Allison – Bedford Foundry
• Allison Division of General Motors
• Aluminum Company of America
• Amax Coal Company
• American Electric Power Service Corporation
• American Gas & Electric
• American Sheet and Tin Plate Company
• American Works
• American-Maize Products
• Anchor Hocking Glass
• Angola Die Casting
• Angola High School
• Angola Railway and Power Company
• Arketex Ceramic Corp
• Army Ammunition Plant
• Atomic Energy Commission
• B. F. Goodrich Tire Company
• Bailly Generating Station
• Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Company
• Beta Theta Pi
• Bethlehem Steel Corp
• Bimel Spoke Auto Wheel Company
• Birma Products Corporation
• Blish Milling Company
• Bluffton City High School
• Bluffton Schools
• Board of Trustees of Purdue University
• Breed Power Plant
• Breed Station
• Bunsen Coal Company
• Burton Plumbing & Heating Company
• Cayuga Power Plant
• Central Foundry Div/Gm
• Central Soya Company, Inc.
• Central Station Engineering Company
• Chicago Indiana and Southern Railway Company
• Cities Service Oil Refinery
• City Light Plant
• City of Greenfield
• City of Jasper Municipal Power Plant
• City of Portland Ind Electric Light Department
• City of Winchester Wastewater Treatment
• Clinton Electric Light & Power Company
• Clinton Ice Comp.
• Columbia Elem School
• Co-Op Power Plant
• Corning
• Crawfordsville Electric Light & Power
• Crawfordsville Heating Comp.
• Crawfordsville Wire and Nail Company
• Croyton and Kinney
• Culley Powerhouse
• Dalton Foundries Inc
• Dana Heavy Water Plant
• Dana Powerhouse
• Dasco Corp
• Dayton and Muncie Traction Company
• Decatur Strawboard Company
• Deena Memorial
• Elwood Electric Light Company
• Elwood Plumbing and Heating Company
• Evansville and Princeton Tract Company
• F.B. Culley Generating Station

• First Methodist Church
• Food Machinery & Chemical Corporation
• Ford Motor Company (Fmc)
• Fort Wayne
• Fort Wayne and Springfield Railway
• Franklin County Courthouse
• Franklin Electric Company
• Franklin Manufacturing Company
• Freeman Field
• G.I. Sellers and Sons Company
• Gatke Corp
• General Electric
• General Electric Company
• General Electric Company
• General Motors Foundry
• General Telephone Company
• Gibson Generating Plant
• Gibson Generating Station
• Girdler Corporation
• Grubb Warehouse
• H J Heinz Company
• Haas Foods, Inc
• Heise Brothers and Company
• Hoosier Condensed Milk Company
• Hoosier Energy
• Hydrualic Press Brick Company
• Indiana & Michigan Electric Company
• Indiana & Michigan Powerhouse
• Indiana and Michigan Electric Company
• Indiana Desk Company, Inc.
• Indiana Farm Bureau Co-Op Association, Inc
• Indiana Power Company
• Indiana Utilities Company
• Indianapolis Crawfordville and Western Tractor Company
• Indianapolis Nothwestern Tract Company
• Indianapolis Power & Light
• Inland Steel
• Interstate Public Service Company
• Ipalco – Petersburg Generating Station
• Ispat International
• Jasper – Municipal Power Plant
• Jasper Corp
• Jasper Industrial Wastewater Facility
• Jasper Municipal Light Plant
• Jefferson High School
• John C Grubb Company
• Kaiser Aluminum and Chemical
• Kentucky Utilities Company
• Knight Brinkerhoff Piano Company
• Lafayette Coal Company
• Laketon Refining
• Laughry Brothers Milling and Grain Company
• Lee Driver School
• Lever Brothers Company
• Linde Air Products Company
• Linde Company
• Luse-Stevenson Company
• Michelin Tire North America
• Mid West Tar Products Corp
• Midwest Steel Company
• Midwest Steel Company – Enamel Products Div
• Midwestern Gas Transmission Company
• Muncie and Portland Traction Company
• Municipal Electric Power Plant
• Naas Foods, Inc
• National Mill Water and Light Company
• National Steel
• National Veneer & Lumber
• New Corning Glass Plant

• New York Central System
• New York Railroad Company
• Newport Ammunition Depot
• Newport Energy Plant
• North, Frazier Company
• Northern Indiana Public Service Company
• Overmyer Corp
• Owens Bottle Company
• Owens-Corning Fiberglas Corp
• Paramount Diecasting
• Petersburg Power Plant
• Pillsbury Farms
• Pittsburg Plate Glass Company
• Portland Forge & Foundry
• Princeton Mining Company
• Producers Dairy Marketing Association. Inc.
• Producers Marketing Association
• Psi Energy Inc
• Public Service Company of Indiana
• Public Service Utilities
• Purdue University
• R. J. Oil & Refinery Company
• R. R. Donelley Company
• R.C.A. Victor
• Rochester Electric, Light, Heat and Power Company
• Rockport Power Plant
• Rockport Water Works Company
• Seymour Manufacturing Company
• Seymour School
• Shell Oil Company
• Sheller Wood Rim Manufacturing Company
• Sinclair Refining Company
• Southern Indiana Gas and Electric Company
• Southern Indiana Railway Company
• Southern Railway Company
• Speedway Wastewater Treatment Plant
• Stainless Processing
• Sterling Casting Corporation
• Sullivan Supply, Inc.
• Talon Manufacturing Plant
• Texas Gas Transmission Corporation
• The Dalton Foundries, Inc.
• Thompson and Norris Company of Indiana
• Town of Brookville
• Townsend, Reed and Company
• Travis & Isenstein
• Tri-State College
• Union Carbide Corporation
• United Public Service Company
• Utilities Development Corporation
• Utilities Power and Light Corp
• Volney Felt Mills
• W.C. Mcbride
• Wabash College
• Wabash Valley Electric Company
• Wabash Valley Powerhouse
• Warrick Power Plant
• Warrick Powerhouse
• Warsaw Court House
• Washington Power Plant
• Weatherhead Corporation
• Western Glucose Company
• Winmar Oil Company
• Wiona and Warsaw Railway
• Witham Memorial Hospital
• Wm. Cadick and Son
• Yankeetown Power Plant

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Mesothelioma Cancer Centers in Indiana

If you have worked at or are currently employed at any of these companies and suspect, you maybe have been subjected to unsafe amounts of asbestos we are here to help! We have compiled a list of what we believe to be Top Ten Mesothelioma Cancer Centers across the country.

Indiana Oncology Hematology Consultants
8111 S. Emerson Avenue, Suite A
Indianapolis, IN 46237

Hansen Life Sciences Research Building
201 S. University Street
West Lafayette, IN 47907

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