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Louisiana is the home of (8) key generation plants, two chief waterways, numerous marine type industries, and to top that off countless oil drilling as well as refining industries. Most if not all of these industries have been identified has having been exposed with asbestos. In many of the cases, exposure was accidental or inadvertent; nevertheless, willful negligence is not unusual. Those that believe they may have been exposed should contact a clinic as soon as possible.

Cities in Louisiana: Exposed to Asbestos

If you or anyone you know has ever lived and or worked, in any of the following cities, there is a likelihood that you might have been unknowingly unprotected and therefore your health detrimentally affected. Because Asbestos is known to be a cause of Mesothelioma, by clicking on the cities below you can find out which factories or companies you or a loved one may have been connected to any way shape or form to Asbestos

Baton Rouge

Lake Charles
New Orleans

Saint Gabriel
West Monroe

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One of the reasons ships have been known to contain great amounts of Asbestos is because the fear of a fire at sea. The most common places are in the boiler room and in the engine room. The chief Louisiana shipbuilding companies are:

Todd (before 1990)

Cement Plants

A study done 1987 of Louisiana cement manufacturers found that before 1960 these cement plants used white Chrysotile asbestos as their primary ingredient and it consequently caused elevated rates among the employees in comparison to those companies that used amphibole asbestos.

Power Plants

Because crocidolite asbestos is extremely resistant to electrical currents and catching fire, it was common practice to use it in conduits, pipe fittings and fire doors. 13% of power plant workers showed “abnormal” chest x-rays for this very fact.

Oil Rigs

Crude oil can also be very volatile. Therefore, asbestos can be found all over refining facilities especially where oil drilling is done. One of the ways many were exposed was by the wearing of protective clothing, such as fireproof gloves and jackets. Whenever nay of these were ripped, asbestos fibers were released into the air and easily breathed in.

Below you will find key labor sites in Indiana, where workers have been proven to have come in contact with Asbestos. Also keep in mind that there are countless older buildings in Louisiana that have been either demolished or renovated that had substantial sums of asbestos-containing ingredients.


Due to asbestosis, Louisiana’s asbestos fatalities are somewhat higher than those from mesothelioma. One of the main reasons for this is the fact that Asbestosis is not only easier to detect but once it’s detected it is treatable, where Mesothelioma is not. Either way, all those exposed in such a way, are at risk and must seek medical care at mesothelioma clinics.

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Work sites known for Asbestos Exposure

Below is a comprehensive list of companies, operating in Kansas, that have had known cases of Pleural Mesothelioma, Peritoneal Mesothelioma, Pericardial Mesothelioma, or Testicular Mesothelioma. Workers who were employed at any of these companies may have been subjected to life threatening levels of Asbestos.

Companies in alphabetical order:

• A.L. Monnot
• A.L. Patterson
• Abbelle Rice Mill Ltd
• Acadia Vermillion Rice Irrigation Company, Inc.
• Agrico Faustina Plant
• Allied Chemical Corporation
• American Cyanamid Company
• American Oil Company
• Amstar Corporation
• Anchor Gasoline Corporation
• Anco Insulation, Inc.
• Arabi Packing Company Chalmette Refinery
• Arcadia Vermilion Rice Irrigation
• Archbishop Shaw High School
• Arizona Chemical Company
• Arizona Chemical Plant
• Arkansas Fuel Oil Company
• Arkansas Louisiana Gas Company
• Army Ammunition Plant
• Avoca Drainage District
• Avondale Marine Ways, Inc.
• Avondale Shipyards Inc – Westwego
• Avondale Shipyards, Inc. – Algiers
• Avondale Shipyards, Inc. – Avondale
• Baker High School
• Bakerfield Elementary
• Bayou Steel Corporation
• Bechtel Corp
• Beker Industries Corporation
• Bellevue Plantation
• Big Cajun Two Steam Plant Unit 3
• Bogalusa Paper Mill
• Bogalusa Stave Company
• Boise Cascade
• Boise Cascade Corporation
• Boise Southern Company
• Bollinger Shipyard
• BP Amoco Louisiana
• British Petroleum
• Brown & Root
• Bungy Grain Elevator
• Cajun Electric Power Coop. Inc
• Calcasieu Refining
• Calcasieu Sulphate Paper Company Inc.
• Caldwell Sugar Coop
• Calkraft Paper Company
• Calumet Plantation
• Canal Refining
• Capolymer Rubber & Chemical Corporation
• Cedar Grove Factory
• Cedar Grove Plantation
• Celotex Corporation
• Central Louisiana Electric
• Central Louisiana Energy Corporation
• Certainteed Corp
• Chemical Construction Company
• Chevron Chemical Company
• Chinchuba Institute
• Cities Service Refinery
• City of Minden – Minden Municipal Power
• City of Natchitoches
• City of Ruston – Ruston Power Plant
• City Services Oil Company
• Cleco Power Llc
• Clement-Braswell, Inc.
• Columbian Carbon Company
• Combustion Equipment
• Conoco Oil Refinery
• Conoco Refinery Louisiana
• Conrad Industries
• Consolidated Chemical Industries Inc
• Continental Can Company
• Convent Chemical Corporation
• Covington Ice and Cold Stge. Company
• Crowley Rice Milling Company
• Crown Vantage, Inc
• Crown Zellerbach Corporation
• Deerfiled Glassine Company
• Delgado Albania Plantation Commission
• Delgardo and Company
• Delta Match Corp of La
• Dolet Hills Steam Plant Unit 1
• Domino Sugar
• Dow Chemical Powerhouse
• Duraflake South Inc
• Entergy Louisiana Inc
• Ethyl Corporation
• Exxon
• Exxon Company Usa
• F.W. Atwood
• Federal Products Company
• Firestone
• Fluor Corporation
• Fourth Jefferson Drainage District
• Freeport / Mcmoran
• Freeport Chemical Company
• Freeport Sulphur Company
• Freeport/Mcmoran

• Garden Island Bay Plant
• Gatx
• Gatx Terminals Corp
• Gaylord Container Corporation
• General American Transportation Corporation
• General Industrial Alcohol Company
• Georgia Gulf Corporation
• Georgia Pacific Plant
• Glenwild Plantation
• Godchaux Sugar Inc
• Good Hood Refinery
• Good Hope Industries, Inc.
• Gramercy SugarCompany
• Gulf Oil Chemicals Company
• Gulf Oil Corp
• Gulf Public Service Company
• Gulf States Utilities Company
• Halliburton
• Halter Marine
• Hendrix Manufacturing Company
• Hepinstall Steel Company
• Hercules Powder Company
• Hercules Refinery
• Hercules, Inc.
• Hillyer Deutsch Edwards Inc.
• Hooker Chemicals & Plastics
• Humble Avery Island
• Humble Oil & Refining
• Hunter Canal Company
• Iberia Sugar Corp
• Imc Agrico
• Immaculate Conception School
• Indeck Power Equipment Company
• Industrial Lumber Company
• International Paper Company
• International Paper Mill
• J Henry Putnam Rose Hill Plantation
• J Ray Mcdermott
• J. N. Pharr
• J.N. Pharr and Sons
• James River Paper
• Jeanerette Sugar Company, Inc
• Jefferson Parrish Wastewater District #2
• Jennings Gas and Electric Company
• Jennings Norwood Irrigation Company
• Johns Manville Products Corporation
• Johnson Iron Works and Shipbuilding Company
• Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Corporation
• Kaiser Steel
• Kenner Home Team Track
• Keystone Plantation
• L.C. Soileau & Son
• La Energy and Power Authority
• La Power & Light
• La. Public Utilities Company
• Lieberman Steam Plant
• Lion Oil Refining Company
• Little Gypsy Power Plant
• Loisel Plantation
• Loisel Sugar Refining Company
• Louisiana Electric Co-Op
• Louisiana Energy and Power Authority
• Louisiana Generating
• Louisiana Irrigation & Mill Company
• Louisiana Methodist Orphanage
• Louisiana Mill
• Louisiana Ordnance Plant
• Louisiana Polytechnic Institute
• Louisiana Power and Light
• Louisiana Public Utilities Company
• Louisiana State Normal College
• Louisiana State Rice Milling
• Lowry Irrigation Plant
• Lumas Construction
• Ma Patout and Son, Ltd
• Mackee Pine Products
• Mamou Canal Company
• Marathon Refinery Louisiana
• Marshall Ballard, Jr.
• Mayville Canal Company
• Mcdermott Shipyard
• Mcfarlain Irrigation Plant
• Mcwilliams Dredging Company
• Mexican Petroleum Company of Louisiana (Inc)
• Minden Utilities System
• Monsanto Chemical Company
• Morgan City Municipal
• Murphy Oil Louisiana
• Myrtle Grove Sugar
• Nat. Rice Milling Company
• Natalbany Lumber Company
• Natchitoches Municipal Electric Light and Water Department
• Natchitoches Steam Plant
• National Bagasse Products Company
• Naval Air Station
• New Orleans Refining Company Inc.
• Newport Industries Inc
• Nine Mile Plant

• Norco Good Hope Terminal
• Norco Plant
• Norco Refining Company Louisiana
• Occidental Chemical Company
• Oriental Exporters Inc
• Orion Refining
• Oxy Chem
• Oyster Shell Products
• Pan American Southern Corp
• Phoenix Planting & Manufacturing Company
• Pittsburgh Plate Glass
• Placid Oil Refinery
• Placid Refining
• Poplar Grove Factoryand Refining Company
• Pullman Kellogg
• Quaker Oats Company
• R.E. Morrison Estate
• R.H. Coleman and Company
• Raceland Milling Company
• Reality Operators Inc
• Red Fox Industries
• Red Star Yeast and Products Company
• Reichold Chemical Company
• River Bend Power Plant
• River Bend Powerhouse
• Riverside Irrigation Company
• Roane Sugar Inc
• Rossville Alcohol Corp
• Runnels Corp
• Runnels Gas Products
• Ruston City Water Works
• S.B.A. Shipyards
• Savannah Foods
• Scokill Metal
• Sewart Seacraft Incorporated
• Sewerage and Water Board of N.O.
• Shady Side Plantation
• Shell Chemical Company
• Shell Chemical Louisiana
• Shell Oil Company
• Shell Refinery
• Simon Rice Mill
• Smithfield Sugar
• Smurfit-Stone Container
• South Coast Corp
• South Down Sugar Refinery
• Southdown Corporation
• Southdown Sugars, Inc.
• Southern Advance Bag & Paper Company
• Southern Hotel
• Southern Kraft Corporation
• Southern Kraft International Paper Company
• Southern Wood Distillate and Fibre Company
• Southwestern Electric Power Company
• Southwestern Gas and Electric Company
• Springhill Mill
• St. Francisville Paper Company
• St. James Sugar Co-Op Inc
• St. Tammany Ice and Manufacturing Company
• Standard Milling Company
• Standard Oil Company of Louisiana
• Standard Sugars Company
• Stauffer Chemical Company
• Stone Container Corporation
• Swepco/Liberman Plant
• Taft Louisiana Plant
• Teche Steam Plant
• Tenneco Chemicals Company
• Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company
• Texaco Inc.
• Texaco Refinery
• Texas Company
• Todd Shipyard
• Transcontinental Gas Pipeline Corp
• Tutwiler Refinery
• U.S. Naval Station
• Union Carbide Chemical Plant
• Union Sulphur Company
• Universal Foods Corp Red Star Yeast Operations
• Uno Tex Petroleum
• Vacherie Plant
• Valentine Pulp & Paper Company Inc
• Valentine Sugars
• Valero Energy Louisiana
• Victoria Plantation B.J. Movy
• W R Grace & Company Davison Chemical Div
• W.E. Howell
• W.S. Lafargue Elementary School
• Water Works and Electric Plant
• Waterford Nuclear Power Plant
• Waterford Nuclear Station
• Webb Press Company
• Wepco/Liberman Plant
• Wesrover Sugar Factory
• Westvaco
• White Hills Elementary
• William T. Burton Industries

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Mesothelioma Cancer Centers in Louisiana

If you have worked at or are currently employed at any of these companies and suspect, you maybe have been subjected to unsafe amounts of asbestos we are here to help! We have compiled a list of what we believe to be the Top Ten Mesothelioma Cancer Centers across the country.

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