According to the 2000 census, there are 5.6 million people that live in the state of Maryland. Over the past 20 years, one person out of every 5000 passed away from asbestos poisoning; Half of those who died, were from the Baltimore area. Although the statistics are higher than that of the rest of the nation; most of the deaths were caused by asbestosis rather than mesothelioma. The fact is it’s widely known that asbestosis is way more common, and also less deadly because it’s treatable. So why is it causing more deaths than Mesothelioma?   Although it cannot be proven some believe it’s because it’s not caught in time. If you find that you are at risk, for whatever reason, you should search out medical care from the various mesothelioma clinics in Maryland.

Cities in Maryland: Exposed to Asbestos

If you or anyone you know has ever lived and or worked, in any of the following cities, there is a likelihood that you might have been unknowingly unprotected and therefore your health detrimentally affected. Because asbestos is known to be a cause of Mesothelioma, by viewing the cities below and by further scrolling down the page to the companies listed for exposing asbestos, you can find which factories or companies you or a loved one may have been connected to in any way shape or form.




Curtis Bay



Silver Spring

Sparrows Point



One of the products made by Supradur Manufacturing in the making of their cement and in the building of the Stadium of the University of Maryland was asbestos. In order to make buildings less flammable, if it ever caught fire, asbestos fibers were used in the mixture and upon inspection of found to have asbestos problems.

Power Plants & Shipyards

Because the statistics are so much higher in Maryland, the National Cancer Institute got involved.  A special study was made of former employees of the Curtis Bay Coast Guard shipyard, who specifically worked from 1950-1963 and they compared them to the general population and they found that shipyard workers were more at risk.

When inquiry was made into Maryland’s power generating facilities, it was found that they ran comparable risks.  Interesting to note that a study was published in Puerto Rico on Nov. 2007 showing 13% of all chest x-rays taken of power plant workers in that country backed up what was being found in Maryland. The following are known power plants in Maryland that have been identified as asbestos sites:

  • Basco Power Electric
  • Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant
  • Glen Burnie Powerhouse

(ACMs) Asbestos-containing materials, are used in these sites as protection in electrical cloth tape, electrical conduits, and as turbine and generator protectors. The most common of these is the crocidolite asbestos kind, known for being an outstanding electrical insulator as well as fire resistant. Medical care is imperative for those workers that have been exposed to asbestos.

Work sites known for Asbestos Exposure

Below is a comprehensive list of companies, operating in Kansas, that have had known cases of Pleural Mesothelioma, Peritoneal Mesothelioma, Pericardial Mesothelioma, or Testicular Mesothelioma. Workers who were employed at any of these companies may have been subjected to life threatening levels of Asbestos.

Companies in alphabetical order:

• Aberdeen Proving Grounds
• Agricultrual Research Center
• Alpha Rho Chapter Kappa Delta Sorority
• Army Chemical Center
• B & O Lamond Siding
• Baltimore Gas & Electric Company
• Bata Shoe Factory
• Bedford Station Apartments
• Bethesda Naval Hospital
• Bird Banding Record Center
• Bladenwood Condominums
• Bureau of Standards
• C&P Telephone Company
• Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant
• Calvert Distilling Company
• Camp Detrick
• Carrollan Manor Apartments
• Catonsville Library
• Cecil County Commissioners
• Cecil Paper Company Lim.
• Celanese Corporation of America
• Celanese Fibers Company
• Celanese Silk Plant
• Celenese Corporation of America
• Cello Corporation
• Chalk Point Generating Station
• Chalk Point Power Plant
• Chemetron Chemicals
• Coakley & Williams
• Cockpit Point
• Columbia Mall
• Corkran Junior High School
• Corps of Engineers United States Army
• Data Processing Center
• Delmarva Power and Light Company
• Digester Building
• District Training School
• Eastern Shore Public Service Company of Maryland
• Edgewood Arsenal
• Edgewood High School
• Edmonton Station
• Edward V. Stockham, Inc.
• Embassy Grocery
• Firestone Tire & Rubber
• Fluid Mechanics Lab & Wind Tunnel
• Fort Detrick
• Fort Meade
• Fort Meade Apartments
• Fort Meade Jr High School
• Frederick and Hagerstown Power Company
• Frederick Hospital
• General Electric
• General Electric Building
• Glen Construction
• Glen L. Martin Company

• Glendale High School
• Goddard Space Flight Center
• Government of District of Columbia
• Hagerstown and Frederick Railway Company
• Harford Memorial Hospital
• Harlan and Bro
• Hawthorne’s Restaurant
• Hochschild Kohn Store
• Holand Park Apartments
• Holiday Inn
• Hood College
• Howard County General Hospital
• J. D. Hedin Construction Company
• Johns Hopkins University
• Joseph E. Seagram and Sons Inc.
• Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Corp
• Kimmel & Kimmel
• Lamond Private Siding
• Laurel Race Track
• Lehigh Portland Cement Company
• Litton Industries
• Marquette Cement Manufacturing Company
• Martin Company
• Martin Marietta Company
• Maryland Distilling Company
• Maryland Fine Wire Company
• Maryland Portland Cement Company
• Maryland State Fair, Inc.
• Mirant Corp
• Mother House
• Motor Vehicle Administration
• N.I.H. Power Plant
• Nasa – Goddard Space Flight Center
• National Bureau of Standards
• National Geographic Building
• National Institute of Health
• National Security Agency Building
• Naval Ordinance Station
• Naval Propellant Plant
• Naval Proving Grounds
• New Hospital
• North American Cement Company
• Noxzema Chemical Company
• Old Mill School
• Ox Fibre Brush Company
• Palmetto Fiber Company
• Perpetual Building
• Perry Point Veterans Administration Hospital
• Philip Carey Manufacturing Company
• Pittsburgh Des Moines Steel
• Potomac Edison Company
• Potomac Electric Power Company
• Potomac Public Service Company

• Public Ledger Paper Mills
• Quaterfield Jr High School
• Ramada Inn
• Rice Auditorium
• Sears Roebuck & Company
• Security Cement and Lime Company
• Serene Townhouse Village
• Simkins Industries Inc
• Social Security Building
• South Ferndale
• Southlawn Industrial Park
• Stave Mill
• Sussex Street Station Apartments
• Takoma Oil Company
• Thomas S Wooten High School
• Tidewater Portland Cement Company
• Transportation Office
• Tyler Allen & Sons
• U S Army
• U. S. Naval Propellant Plant
• U.S. Army Corporation of Engineers
• U.S. Naval Powder Factory
• Union Hospital
• United States Department of Agriculture
• United States Government
• United States Naval Powder Factory
• United States Naval Proving Ground
• United States Veterans Hopital
• United States War Department
• University of Maryland
• Veterans Administration Hospital
• Vienna Power Plant
• Vienna Station
• W.R. Grace Company
• W.W. Taylor
• Walter E. Campbell Company, Inc.
• Walter Reed Navy Hospital
• Washington Adventist Hospital
• Washington Gas Light Company
• Washington Towers
• West Virginia Pulp & Paper Mill
• Westgate Apartments
• Westinghouse Plant
• Westminster Apartments
• Westvaco Corp
• Westvaco Luke Mill
• Westvaco Paper Mill
• Westview Mall
• Westwood Office Building
• Willoughby Works
• Windsor Tower Apartments
• Woodlawn High School
• Ymca Building
• Zadek Macgruder High School

Statistics & Asbestos-Associated News in Maryland

FDA-Approved Keytruda Treatment Could Help Mesothelioma Patient – Silver Spring, MD – November 11, 2015
Merck immunotherapy drug – Keytruda, was recently FDA approved for treatment in non-small cell lung cancer therefore providing hope to mesothelioma patients.

2015 International Symposium on Malignant Mesothelioma Discusses Future Mesothelioma Treatment – Bethesda, Maryland – March 05, 2015
The twelfth annual Inter. Symposium addressing Malignant Mesothelioma was held on March 3-4, by the Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation at the National Institutes of Health.

Mesothelioma Cancer Centers and locations in Maryland

If you have worked at or are currently employed at any of these companies and suspect, you maybe have been subjected to unsafe amounts of asbestos we are here to help! We have compiled a list of what we believe to be The Top Ten Mesothelioma Cancer Centers across the country.

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