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Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Traditional healing can cure the cancer-infected body parts, but not the emotions of the patient. Throughout the entire procedure, the people with mesothelioma endure with the severe surgeries, medications, and associated stress. The stress can obstruct the path of healing. Henceforth, the doctors welcome several alternative treatments like EFT or tapping, which was founded by Gary Craig to aid the entire healing process.


Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT can effectively remove emotional blocks, reduce stress and establish inner peace. It is seen that chronic stress or a traumatic event got a close link with cancer. According to EFT, good health relies on the proper flow of energy throughout the body. It is performed by calmly tapping on some definite points on the body. While doing so, one needs to address the negative issues and then a positive observation. Removing the emotional blocks, it works on the energy, emotions, and psychology. One can do it as soon as he wakes up, or every time he goes to the bathroom, or before going to bed. It could be hard to identify the pressure points and the appropriate tapping techniques. Therefore, it is always better and safer to consult an EFT professional.

Some negative beliefs may persist since childhood without anyone’s knowledge which may contribute to the progression of cancer over the years. Doing EFT regularly can decrease and even eliminate trauma, depression, anxiety, craving as well as physical pain. In a way, it reprograms one’s pessimistic belief system to become an optimistic and life-claiming one.

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Why Choose Emotional Freedom Technique?

Expected Cost For Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT is recognized as a genuine stress-reducing practice that helps people with several ailments including cancer and PTSD. It replaces the negative belief patterns with more constructive ones, aiding the general healing development. It is seen that after 4 to 6 weeks of extensive EFT sessions, most of the people experience no symptoms of trauma or depression. Also, EFT has effectively shown a marked reduction in cancer symptoms, fatigue, and excruciating body pain. It works as a great self-help tool to reduce the side-effects of chemotherapy as well.

It depends on several factors like whether you are going for a group consultation or a private one or over the phone or Skype. It also varies on the time you need and the goals you want to accomplish. On an average, it could be $100 to $200 or more for an hour’s consultation for an individual.

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Benefits of Emotional Freedom Technique

Since it is regarding an alternative treatment for mesothelioma, one cannot go with guesswork. Firstly, one must consult his doctor and then seek for a certified EFT practitioner. While tapping, remove the glasses and watch as they may electronically or mechanically impede with the tapping session. Memorize the process and tapping points so that you can do it whenever you are stressed or stopping at a stoplight. While doing so, assess your physical ailment or acknowledge your problems or just accept yourself. It cleans out the unwanted negative feelings and new positive healing beliefs take its place. It empowers you to take charge of your emotional, psychological, and physical health.

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