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Homeopathy for Mesothelioma & All Cancers

Homeopathy is a system of medicine based on the Law of Similars. It is a non-traditional therapeutic medicinal method invented by a German physician Samuel Hahnemann more than two centuries ago. It came to the US, in the early 19-th century. It gained popularity as people got unsettled with traditional treatments. Patients started to look for a natural way to treat them. These homeopathic medicines are the derivatives of nature like of animal, minerals, and plants. They are generally considered as safe and less susceptible to cause any adverse reactions.

Nevertheless, the value of homeopathic cure is not yet supported by the modern science. Though many laugh at homeopathy, but in some countries like India, it is considered as one of the national medical systems. According to homeopathy practitioners, they don’t treat cancer directly, but enable the patients’ body to destroy cancer. Many mesothelioma patients turned to homeopathy as it is natural and effectively deals with the side-effects of the conventional medicines.

There were several studies conducted on the efficacy of homeopathic treatments for cancer. The homeopathic medicines are prepared in the observance of the guidelines laid by HPUS (which became a law in 1938), according to which these remedies don’t require a doctor’s recommendation or prescription. In 1988, the FDA made it mandatory to label the ingredients, dilutions and treatable medical conditions, and instructions for safe use. Homeopathic remedies don’t interfere with the conventional treatments, but one must discuss it with the physician.

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How does Homeopathy Help People with Mesothelioma?

Expected Cost of Homeopathy

Many doctors have seen that homeopathy can successfully reduce the pain caused by mesothelioma and its treatment (chemotherapy and radiation therapy). It also treats the other devastating effects of the traditional treatments such as infections, hair loss, vomiting, fatigue, nausea, low WBC counts and more. Many mesothelioma patients feel better with the homeopathy, even though it doesn’t cure cancer. It remarkably reduces the skin irritation, stress, depression and promotes a strong body-mind connection. Sometimes, homeopathy is used in the last stage of cancer to reduce anxiety and fear of death. It is also believed that homeopathy can avert mesothelioma from re-appearing by changing the biochemical structure of the cells that determine one propensity to cancer.
The cost of consulting a practitioner could vary widely depending on his experience. Generally, the first visit lasts for 60 to 90 minutes, which could charge you from $50 to $300. The follow-up visits lasting for 15 minutes to 45 minutes can charge from $30 to $100. It also depends if he is a homeopathic M.D. The actual cost of the medicine is insignificant and some practitioners offer the prescribed medicines without any charge. If compared, the cost of homeopathic treatment is less than conventional treatments.
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Benefits of Homeopathy

For minor health conditions like cold and cough, use of homeopathy is safe. However, self-treatment is not at all recommended for treating the side effects of the traditional mesothelioma treatments. Only consult a qualified Homeopath and seek for a prescribed dosage based on your personal complications and requirements. In a study, Traumeel S found homeopathy can reduce the severity and duration of the side effects of chemotherapy like stomatitis. Discuss it with your doctor as you would have discussed your surgery or other treatments. Let the Homeopath determine the best homeopathic remedy that would work best for you.
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