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Meditation for Mesothelioma Cancer

Including meditation as a complementary treatment along with the traditional treatments have provided exceptional outcomes. Meditation is a useful therapy that is estimated to date back to 5000 BC. It not only helps the patient resolve his emotional and spiritual problems but also alleviate his physical discomfort. There is no scientific evidence available to suggest that meditation is effective in treating chronic diseases like mesothelioma, however, it has remarkably improved the patients’ quality of life. Mesothelioma patients commonly have sleeping problems, chronic pain, and mood swings. While meditating, patients learn to not think about their ailments (even if it is for a short time). When the mind is not anxious, the body can focus on the healing process. There are different ways how one can meditate.

For example,

  • Transcendental meditation is a common form of meditation where you need to repeat a word or phrase (mantra) either loudly or silently.
  • Mindfulness meditation is another form of meditation where you need to focus on your own senses, thoughts, insight or breathing.
  • Walking meditation is a meditation where you focus on your walk.
  • Guided meditation is where you concentrate all your attention on an imagery or sound.
  • Breathing/sitting meditation is where you sit comfortably with back straight and focus on your breaths.
  • Others include tai chi, Tibetan Meditation as well as martial arts.

You can do it yourself or take professional guidance from yoga masters, psychiatrists, doctors, mental health professionals, or masters from schools of meditation. It is important to do it in a quiet place with no distractions. It would help you to separate yourself mentally from the outer world by suspending your usual awareness. Some practitioners recommend two meditation sessions of 15 to 20 minutes each every day.

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How Does Meditation Help People with Mesothelioma?

Expected Cost of Meditation Therapy

Doing meditation regularly would help reduce chronic pain, migraine, high blood pressure, cholesterol, anxiety, stress hormones as well as post-surgical stress. It is also claimed that meditation improves immune functions, mood, alertness, mental efficiency, which help you to relax. There are several studies that suggest that meditation reduces emotional disturbances and stress in mesothelioma patients. In fact, some studies claim that it improves the chances of a positive result of a cancer treatment. Mantra meditation is seen to help people with memory problems.

It depends on the qualifications of the instructors, which kind of meditation you are going for or if you want to go for private sessions. Some health centers, hospitals offer free sessions for cancer patients. You can check with your doctor and hospital for a qualified instructor. They may offer session without or at a reduced charge. For example, for transcendental meditation [1] an adult needs to pay four installments of $240 each for a 4-day course along with follow-up sessions. There are discounts for couples, college and high school students.

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Benefits of Meditation

Meditation can hardly cause any complication. However, a few people experience some negative feelings or anxiety while meditating. It mostly happens to them who have some mental illness. Therefore, it is important to speak to your doctor before meditating especially if it includes joint or muscle movements. No matter how good you feel after meditation, do not abandon your traditional mesothelioma treatment for a better recovery.

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