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Naturopathy is a holistic approach that focuses on nature’s non-toxic remedies and body’s self-healing process. It can treat ailments like mesothelioma using mineral, diet and lifestyle-based therapies. It aims at disease prevention and overall body health through natural ways. The naturopathic oncologist may prescribe several conventional medicines but mostly natural treatments and healthy habits as their first option.
It has its ancestries in the Nature Cure Movement in Europe. However, now it is practiced across the whole world. In fact, the practice is most standardized in the US and Canada. One can become a certified naturopathic doctor after completing a four-year course at naturopathic medical school in the US. This study program includes learning of natural medicine, conventional medicine as well as fundamental health science. They are trained in different alternative treatment therapies like botanical medicine, color therapy, acupuncture and applied kinesiology.

The naturopathic doctors follow a certain number of principles.
i. Identify and value the self-curative power of nature.
ii. Identify and eliminate the cause of ailment, rather than alleviating the symptoms.
iii. Not to hurt anyone by giving the most effective treatment with a least chance of risk to the patient.
iv. Encourage and edify people to be self-accountable for their health.
v. Consider all the circumstantial aspects responsible for every individual’s health.

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Why Choose Naturopathy?

Expected Cost For Naturopathy

Mesothelioma patients often undergo chemotherapy and radiation therapy, which cause nausea and fatigue. To deal with it, a naturopathic doctor could recommend several remedies like dietary changes, life-style counseling, natural cures or nutritional supplements. It supports proper digestion and normal metabolism. Many mesothelioma patients may find it more helpful than the conventional invasive treatments. It helps to improve the symptoms and quality of life of the patients. Good health habits often boost the energy level, alleviate the pain and discomfort and contribute to longer life expectancy. It enhances the body’s immune system and self-healing powers to fight cancer along with the side effects of the treatments.
Naturopathic doctors’ fees vary depending on the location, experience of the doctor and consultation time. On an average, the initial consultation lasting for 60 to 90 minutes can charge you from $150 to $300. There are other tests that your naturopathic doctor can prescribe. It generally ranges between $50 to $500. Apart from that, there are supplements, medicines and other remedy costs that you need to consider. Some insurance companies may cover the naturopathic doctor fees, while some may not. Do check it beforehand.
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Benefits of Naturopathy

Every treatment got some complications. Naturopathy is not an exception. However, it is infrequent. If you consult and discuss your doctor the inclusion of naturopathy into your mesothelioma treatment regimen, then you can avoid any adverse effects or complications. Traditional treatments generally work to reduce the symptoms, while naturopathy works on the root cause of the disease. It helps the body to self-heal and restore. You feel more positive, which helps in the overall success of your treatment. Don’t replace your traditional treatment with it or take a step without your doctor’s approval.

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