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TENS Therapy For Mesothelioma

TENS or Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation therapy uses a low-voltage electrical current to relieve pain. It is often used along with other alternative therapies to aid cancer patients. Cancer like mesothelioma, can cause severe pain, anxiety, and fatigue among the patients. Even the traditional treatments have their own share of side effects. It becomes necessary for the patients to try unusual methods and techniques to reduce it.


Generally, the therapists use electrodes and wires to conduct the current from a small battery to the skin where the patients experience pain. In this procedure that brain is signaled to produce endorphins (body’s own natural pain-killer) that create a feeling of euphoria. The design of this theory was based on the Gate Control Theory invented by Dr. Patrick Wall and Dr. Ronald Melzac in 1965. According to them, when electricity stimulates certain nerves, the spinal nerves shut a kind of entrance to restrain the body’s pain sensation.

A biomechanical engineer Donald Maurer employed in medical instrument manufacturer created the first unit of TENS. This is approved by the FDA, and the patient gets the expenses fully covered by the insurance when prescribed by the doctor. Given instructions and initial guidance, the patients can administer this therapy themselves. The TENS device resembles a pocket radio with two electrodes placed either on a pressure point or the site of pain. It generates a small circuit of electrical pulses running parallel to the nerve fibers. It is important that a medical professional with previous experience of working with cancer patients administer this treatment. The setting has to be carefully set to treat the condition. By no means, the patient should feel uncomfortable or get hurt by the electrodes. A medical expert could prescribe the patient a routine and frequency for the TENS therapy for self-administration.

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Why Choose TENS Therapy?

Expected Cost For TENS Therapy

It can help cancer patients experiencing chronic pain. In a study conducted in 2013[1], the use of TENS therapy for treating cancer-related pain was evaluated. It was seen that 67.9 percent of the patients were benefited after using it for two months. TENS therapy stimulates the production of endorphins, promoting the self-healing powers of the body. Used in combination with traditional treatments, it can comfort the patients.

Depending on the location and type of treatment, it can cost you from $20 to $250 per treatment. If you want to go for a TENS unit and do it yourself, then there is a wide range of TENS units available with sliding price ranging from $20 to $400.

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Benefits of TENS Therapy

Though it is safe and effective for chronic pain management, yet there are few areas of concern linked with this therapy. For example, people with heart problems, pacemaker, infusion pumps, or epilepsy should not use TENS therapy. Also if anyone is allergic to adhesives, then they can react to the electrode pads used in the TENS device. Do not use intense electric current or be careless doing so, otherwise, you will burn yourself. Expecting moms should avoid TENS therapy at all cost. It is essential to consult your doctor prior to the TENS therapy.

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