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In Honor of Our Fallen Heroes


Rick Romanenko

Class of 1974 – VHS ALUMNUS


Rick Romanenko served in the Navy.  Rick was known for his outgoing humor, his passion for his country, his caring attitude towards his comrades but even more importantly, he was known for being an amazing, funny, loving husband to Connie Romanenko & an outstanding father to Katerina Romanenko. One could say, Rick had his cards stacked against him because not only did he serve on Navy Ships, he also lived near an asbestos producing factory where his mother was employed. This is a rare scenario because tragically, Rick’s mother passed from mesothelioma as well. Let’s come together as a community and take a moment to honor Rick Romanenko for all of his amazing service here on earth and further more, send everyday blessings to the Romanenko family. Rick was from Valparaiso, Indiana and passed in Jacksonville, FL. 

Rick Romanenko
8/28/1956 – 3/20/2007

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