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Mesothelioma & Asbestos in Alabama

The risk of mesothelioma in this state is somewhat higher than others due to a large number of industries that utilized asbestos in their manufacturing and refining production.

Below is a general list of the amounts and types of locations in Alabama that residents should be aware of because they are known for their asbestos usage and exposure:

  • Almost ten different power plants
  • Six steel production mills
  • Six iron refineries
  • Four refineries associated with petroleum/oil
  • Two naval construction sites
  • Several paper mills formerly owned and operated by Kimberly-Clark Corp.
  • Numerous cement plants which used Asbestos in their mixing process
  • Just shy of one hundred aquifers used primarily to transport water throughout the state reported use of this cement/asbestos mixture in their construction
  • There has not been sufficient testing of these pipelines done in almost twenty years
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Cancer Centers and Statistics For Alabama Residents

If you have worked at or are currently employed at any of these companies and suspect you maybe have been subjected to unsafe amounts of asbestos we are here to help! We have compiled a list of what we believe to be The Top Ten Mesothelioma Cancer Centers across the country.  But have also conveniently listed an excellent cancer center in your area listed below:

University of Alabama Birmingham – Cancer Center
1824 6th Ave S,
Birmingham, AL 35233
(205) 934-9999

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Companies in Alabama Known For Asbestos Exposure
Listed in alphabetical order:

1. Alabama By-Products Corporation
2. Alabama College
3. Alabama Dry Dock & Shipyard Company
4. Alabama Electric Cooperative Inc
5. Alabama Kraft Company
6. Alabama Lumber Company
7. Alabama Machinery & Supply Company
8. Alabama Polytechinic Inst
9. Alabama Power Company
10. Alabama Power Company – Bark Burning Plant
11. Alabama River Pulp Company
12. Alabama Steel and Wire Company
13. Alexander City Creamery
14. Allen Graphite Company
15. Allied Paper Company
16. Allied Products Company
17. Amer Container Paper Mill/ Container Corp Paper Mill
18. American Can Company
19. American Can Paper Mill
20. Anderson Electric Company
21. Arnold Lumber Company
22. Auburn University
23. Avondale Mills
24. Barry Steam Plant
25. Beauknit Mills
26. Bellefonte Nuclear Plant
27. BF Goodrich
28. Boaz Mills
29. Boaz Spinning Company Inc
30. Boise Cascade Paper Group
31. Borden Chemical
32. Borden’s Ice Cream Company
33. Brown & Root
34. C and G. Cooper Company
35. Central Foundry
36. Central Mills
37. Chemical Plant
38. Ciba Geigy Chemical Company
39. Clow Pipe and Foundy
40. Coastal Mobile Refinery
41. Colbert Steam Plant
42. Cold Creek Plant
43. Container Corp of America
44. Continental Carbon
45. Coosa Pines Plant
46. Coosa River Ordnance Plant
47. Courtalds
48. Courtaulds Chemical Plant
49. Creasey Company
50. Cullman Creamery
51. Debardeleben Coal Corp
52. Deep South Creamery Company
53. Deerr Electric Company
54. Defense Metal Products Inc
55. Department of Buildings & Grounds – S F Brewster
56. Dothan Electric Light and Water Works
57. Dothan Grocery Company
58. Dothan Powerhouse
59. Dwight Manufacturing Co.
60. Empire Coke

61. Ensley Steel Works
62. Farley Nuclear Plant
63. Faulkner Ice Company
64. Ford Company
65. Fort James
66. Fort James Operating Company
67. Georgia Marble
68. Georgia Pacific
69. Goodyear
70. Gorgas Power
71. Gravemans Dairy
72. Greene County Steam Plant
73. Gulf Atlantic Operations
74. Gulf Ship Building Co
75. Gulf Shipyard
76. Gulf State Paper Company
77. Gulf States Paper Corp
78. Gulf States Steel
79. Halby Chemical
80. Harbison-Walker Refractonies Company
81. Industial Development Board of Camden
82. International Paper Co.
83. J Graham Brown Educational Center
84. Jackson Mill Supply Company
85. James B. Clow and Songs
86. James River Dixie Northern – Georgia Pacific
87. James River Paper Company
88. James River Paper Mill
89. Jefferson Smurfit
90. Ketona Chemical Corporation
91. Kimberly Clark
92. King Pharr Canning
93. Koolman’s Quick Freeze
94. Koppers Company Inc
95. Koppers Company Tar And Chemical Div
96. Lakeside Plant
97. Lanett Bleachery and Dye Works
98. Lanett Cotton Mills
99. Lanson Industries
100. Lehigh Portland Cement
101. MacIntosh Steam Generating Plant
102. Macmillan Bloedel Particleboard, Inc.
103. Marathon Southern
104. Marathon Southern Corp
105. Mathieson Alabama Chemical Corp
106. Mead Paper
107. Mead Paperboard
108. Michelin Tire Corporation
109. Monsanto
110. Moretti Harrah Marble Company
111. Naheola Southern Corp
112. National Metals Inc
113. Newbury Manufacturing Company
114. Newport Chemical
115. Newport Inds.
116. Newport News Co.
117. Northern Alabama Coal Iron and Railway Co
118. Olin Mathieson Chemical Corporation
119. Olinkraft Inc
120. Opelika Foundry Co.
121. Opelika Mills

122. Pepperell Manufacturing Co.
123. Pratt Coal
124. Prattville Paper Mill
125. Purity Bakery – Ovens
126. Reichold Chemical
127. Republic Iron and Steel Company
128. Republic Steel Corporation
129. Revere Copper & Brass
130. Robbins Tile Company
131. Rock Wool Manufacturing Company
132. Rockwell Manufacturing
133. Russell Manufacturing Company
134. Rust Engineering Company
135. Semet Solvay Company
136. Shell Chemical
137. Singmaster & Breyer for Ketona Chemical Company
138. Sloss Sheffield Steel and Iron Company
139. Southeastern Production Company
140. Southern Iron and Steel Company
141. Southern Natural Gas
142. St Bernard College
143. Standard Portland Cement Company
144. Stauffer Chemical Company
145. Stauffer Chemical Company
146. T.R. Miller Mill Company Inc
147. Talladega Furnace Company
148. Talledega College
149. Tar Products Div Koppers Company
150. Temple Inland Forest Products Co.
151. Tenneco Chemicals
152. Tennessee Coal Iron and Railroad Co.
153. Tennessee Valley Authority
154. Triangle Construction Company
155. Tuskegee Normal and Industrial
156. Tyndall Air Force Base
157. U S Gypsum Company
158. U.S. Pipe
159. U.S. Veteran’s Hospital
160. Union Bag Camp Paper Co.
161. Union Camp Co.
162. Union Camp Paper Mills
163. Union Camp Plywood Plant
164. Union Carbide
165. Uniroyal Tire Company
166. United States Steel Corporation
167. Universal Atlas Cement
168. Us Rubber
169. Vanity Fair Mills
170. Veterans Administrative Hospital
171. W.F. Carter Paint
172. Warneco at The Warner Manufacturing Plant
173. West Point Paper Mill
174. West Point Pepperell Manufacturing Co.
175. West Point Stevens
176. West Point Pepperell Inc.
177. Westinghouse
178. Weyerhaeuser
179. Widows Creek Power Plant
180. Wilsonville Steam
181. Woodward Iron & Coke
182. Zeneca

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