Although the main industry in Kansas is farming, in the last 20 years, two out of every three deaths brought on by Asbestos in Kansas, died of Mesothelioma, therefore bringing the total to 360 deaths.

Cities in Kansas: Exposed to Asbestos

Provided below is a list of cities in the state of Kansas where asbestos job sites are known to have been located. If you have worked in any of the following cities, there is a possibility that you may have been exposed to harmful asbestos which is known to cause a terminally ill cancer in the mesothelium.

Arkansas City
Dodge City

El Dorado
Kansas City


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Sites Where Asbestos Has Been Found

The Environmental Working Group, has recorded three areas in Kansas where asbestos has been found the most

  • Farmland Industries
  • Frontier Oil
  • Wolfcreek Nuclear Operating comp.

The 1st of which is a chemical industrial plant, of which ammonia is the primary product. The chief particular form of asbestos identified as crocidolite, also known as “blue” asbestos, which is vastly resistant to corroding chemicals. Back in the year 2004, the industrial plant went about a massive abatement program for asbestos, under the supervision of the state Department of Health.


Most cases dealing with Asbestos, have been found in the more urbanized areas of Kansas, mainly in and around Topeka, and were hard to diagnose in it’s early stages when Mesothelioma tends to be treatable.

Natural Asbestos Sources

Although Kansas is not as bad as those states that are multifaceted geologically, n the eastern part of Kansas, there are 3 locations in which natural sources of chrysotile asbestos, and serpentine can be found. You can find them near Topeka of U.S. Highways 75 & 77. The third is in SE Kansas, close to the community of Parsons north of Oklahoma.

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Work sites known for Asbestos Exposure

Below is a comprehensive list of companies, operating in Kansas, that have had known cases of Pleural Mesothelioma, Peritoneal Mesothelioma, Pericardial Mesothelioma, or Testicular Mesothelioma. Workers who were employed at any of these companies may have been subjected to life threatening levels of Asbestos.

Companies in alphabetical order:

• Adamson Manufacturing Comp.
• Air Traffic Control Center
• Ajax Portland Cement Comp.
• Allied Signal, Inc.
• American Messer liquid Helium Plant
• American Service Company
• Amoco
• Amoco Hugoton Jayhawk Gas Plant
• Amoco Products Ulysses Gasoline Plant
• Aquila, Inc.
• Archer Daniels Midland
• Armour & Company
• Armstrong Contracting & Supply Corp.
• Atchison Revolving Door Comp.
• Blair Milling Company
• Bushton Hydrocarbon Plant
• Centel Electri
• Central Kansas Power Comp.
• Chemical Plant
• Cimarron Rier Station
• Cities Service Oil and Gas
• City of Larned
• City of Mcpherson
• Cloride Ceramics Company
• Concordia Electric Light Comp.
• Co-Op Refinery
• Delco Battery Operations
• Delphi Automotive Systems
• Derby Refinery
• Dickey Clay
• E. I. Dupont De Nemours & Comp.
• E.B. Badger Company
• Empire District Electric Comp.
• Empire District Powerhouse
• Emporia Railway Lt Comp.
• Emporia State Teachers College
• Enron Gas Processing
• Exxon
• Fine Arts Center
• Fort Riley
• Frick-Reid Supply Company
• Garden City Company
• G.C.M.U.Municipal Plant
• Globe Oil Refining Comp.
• Grindstead
• Gulf Chemical
• Gulf Oil Company

• Gulf Refinery
• Habiats, Inc.
• Hall and Dillon
• Helium Plant
• Hercules Power Comp., Inc.
• Huxtable-Hammond Comp., Inc.
• Hydrocarbon Transportation
• Illinois Power and Light Corp
• Independent Manufacturing Company
• Iola Water Plant
• Iowa Beef Processors, Inc.
• Irwin Army Hospital
• Kanas State Agricultural College
• Kansas Army Amunition Plant
• Kansas City Power & Light Comp.
• Kansas City Southern Railroad
• Kansas Electric Utilities Comp.
• Kansas Gas & Electric
• Kansas Ordnance Plant
• Kansas Power & Light Comp.
• Kansas Power Company
• Kansas State University
• Kendall Plumbing Comp.
• Kinsler Plant
• Knop Ordinance Plant
• KP&L Powerhouse
• L F M Manufacturing Company
• L. M. Marcum Company
• La Mo Refractory Supply
• Larned Electric Light Dept.
• Larned State Hospital
• Lehigh Portland Cement
• Liberal Ice ight and Power Comp.
• Manhattan Country Club
• Material Engineering Comp.
• Mcnally Pittsburg Office Building
• Midwest Energy Inc.
• Midwest Grain Products, Incorporated
• Midwest Solvents Comp., Inc.
• Missouri, Kansas, and Texas Railway
• Mobil Oil Refinery
• Modine Radiator
• Municipal Light Plant
• National Bank Building
• National Co-Op Refinery Assoc.
• National Cooperative

• National elium Corporation
• Natural Gas Pipeline Comp. of America
• Naval Air Station
• Northern Gas Products
• Northern Natural Gas Comp.
• Olathe Kansas Argonaut Realty Div. GMC
• Oneok Inc.
• Pan American Kinsler Plant
• Pan American Pet Corporation
• Panhanle Eastern Pipe Line Comp.
• Parsons Ammunition Plant
• Petroleum Products Comp.
• Pittsburg State College
• Pioneer Cooperative Assoc.
• Power Plant
• Prairie Pipe Line Comp.
• Retarded Children’s Center
• Riverside Light
• Riverton Powerhouse
• Saint Rose’s Hospital & Sch. For Nurses
• Sauder Tank Company Inc.
• Socony-Vacuum Oil Company
• Spencer Chemical Company
• St Joseph Hospital
• St. Benedict’s College
• Standard Oil Company
• Sunflower Ammunitions Plant
• Sunflower Army Ordinance Works
• Sunflower Electric Cooperative, Inc.
• Sunflower Power Station
• Swift & Company
• Tecumseh Film Plant
• Tecumseh Power Project
• Town of Abilene
• Travenol Laboratories Inc
• Trend onstruction Corporation
• Tudeau Port Cement Company
• United States Army Hospital
• Utilicop United Inc
• Walters-Morgan, Inc.
• Westar Energy
• Western Light & Power Company
• Western States Port. Cement Company
• Western Light and Telephone Company
• Wheatland Electric Cooperative
• White Eagle Refrigeration Company

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Mesothelioma Cancer Centers in Kansas

If you have worked at or are currently employed at any of these companies and suspect, you maybe have been subjected to unsafe amounts of asbestos we are here to help! We have compiled a list of what we believe to be The Top Ten Mesothelioma Cancer Centers across the country.

Heritage Plaza Medical Building

University of Kansas Cancer Center

Westwood Medical Pavilion

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