Montana has gone after several companies, one of which is W.R. Grace & Company a small town in Libby Montana. This town is known to be a place where the legal system demanded retribution.   Six executives who worked at W.R. Grace and Company were sued and indicted on criminal charges. They operated the asbestos & vermiculite mines for 30 of the 60 years that it was open. Right now, 200 have died so far in the small town of Libby due to asbestos, and if not treated the number will continue to rise because ½ the population of Libby has been diagnosed with asbestosis. Just so you know, the product was promoted as Zonolite & shipped throughout the U.S.   It’s estimated that there are 35 million homes that contain this type of insulation.

Asbestos Exposure – Cities in Montana

We have gathered a list of cities in Montana where asbestos related work sites been located. If you or a loved one worked with any of the listed companies or on these job sites, there is a good possibility that you may have been exposed to a harmful amount of asbestos, which can have many detrimental effects to your health. In some cases it takes many years for asbestos exposure to cause illness, and symptoms may seem mild at first, but it usually leads to mesothelioma cancer. These cities/work sites are where asbestos exposure has been reported:

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Natural Asbestos Throughout the State

Just so you know Montana has other industries, and mines where workers were exposed to asbestos as well.  Anaconda is a corporation that mines & processes aluminum and copper, and uses asbestos in all production phases.

Montana also has (3) oil refineries, where pipe fittings were packed in asbestos, not to mention the fact that the refinery workers themselves wore protective clothing lined with asbestos.

Montana also has (6) power plants recognized as asbestos problem sites. Because asbestos is not only an effective flame retardant, it is also resistant and protective to electrical current/heat and so many power plant workers run a high risk of asbestosis and most definitely should seek medical help from a strong possibility of getting mesothelioma. This risk was established in 2003 from a study made in Puerto Rico, of chest x-rays in which 13 Percent of the those studied were found to have “abnormalities.”

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Reported Deaths / Statistics

Out of all the counties, Lincoln county shows (3) times the amount of deaths caused by asbestos, than the Cascade and Missoula counties’, which by the way happens to be where most of the population lives. Once you get out to the urbanized areas the numbers drop considerably.
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Work sites known for Asbestos Exposure

Below is a comprehensive list of companies, operating in Montana, that have had known cases of Pleural Mesothelioma, Peritoneal Mesothelioma, Pericardial Mesothelioma, or Testicular Mesothelioma. Workers who were employed at any of these companies may have been subjected to life threatening levels of Asbestos.
Companies in alphabetical order:

• Airbase Powerhouse
• Alta Montana Company
• Amalgamated Sugar Company
• American Smelting & Refining
• Anaconda Aluminum Company
• Anaconda Aluminum Company
• Anaconda Copper Mining Company
• Anaconda Forest Products
• Anaconda Smelter
• Asarco Inc
• Boston and Montana Con. Copper and Silver Ming Company
• Boston and Montana Consolidated
• Boston and Montana Reduction Department
• Bozeman Montana College
• Brick & Builders Supply
• Broeder Lumber Company
• C and C Plywood Corp
• Cascades Plywood Company
• Cenex Harvest States
• Cenex Refinery
• Chicago, Milwaukee, St Paul & Pacific Railroad
• Colstrip Power Plant
• Conrey Peacer Mining Company
• Copper and Silver Mining Company
• Cyprus Industrial Minerals Company
• Diehl Lumber Company
• Dupois Lumber Company

• Farmers Union Central Exchange
• Farmer’s Union Co-Op Oil
• Forsyth Elect Light Power Company
• Forzley Sales Company
• Fuce Plant
• Geismar Industries Inc
• General Mills
• Glacier Production Corp
• Glasgow Air Force Base
• Glendive Ht. Light and Power Company
• Granite Bi Metalic Cons Mg. Company
• Helena Power Transmission Company
• Helena Transmission Company
• Holly Sugar Corporation
• J Neil Lumber Company
• J. Neils Lumber Company
• Kaiser Cement & Gypsum
• Laurel Oil and Refining Company
• Legal Tender Mining Company
• Lewis & Clark Power Plant
• Libby Mines
• Midland Sugar Company
• Montana Coal and Iron Company
• Montana Power & Light Company
• Montana Power Company
• Montana Refining
• Montana State Hospital

• Montana-Dakota Utilities Company
• Northern Pacific Railway Company
• Northwestern Improvement Company
• Pack River Lumber Company
• Phillips Petroleum Company
• Plum Creek Lumber Company
• Saint Regis Paper Company
• Saltenberger Plumbing & Heating
• Sidney Montana Powerhouse
• Sierra Talc and Clay Company Inc
• State College of Agricultural and Mechanical Arts.
• Stauffer Chemical Company
• Stone Container Corporation
• Sulphuric Acid Plant
• Texaco, Inc.
• The Anaconda Company
• Union Oil Company
• Union Tank Car Company
• United Sierra Div Cyprus Mines Corp
• United States Army Air Base
• United States Gypsum Company
• US Air Force
• Utah Idaho Sugar Company
• Warm Springs State Hospital
• Water and Electric Light Company
• Western Ranch Supply Company

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Recent News in Montana

In order to Improve Firefighting Efforts Asbestos site, the EPA gives 2.1 million dollars.
Libby, Montana – July 25, 2016
$2.1 million dollars were awarded to advance firefighting abilities at the Libby Asbestos Superfund site in Montana by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Another $18 thousand for given to Montana State University for Asbestos Research
Bozeman, Montana – June 16, 2016
(MSU) Montana State University, was given $18 thousand dollars for asbestos in relation to the of a $190 thousand dollar grant given to increase quality healthcare in Montana.

Mesothelioma Cancer Centers

If you have worked at or are currently employed at any of these companies and suspect, you maybe have been subjected to unsafe amounts of asbestos we are here to help! We have compiled a list of what treatment centers in your area as well as what we believe to be the Top Mesothelioma Cancer Centers across the country.

Billings Clinic Cancer Center
801 North 29th Street
Billings, MT 59101

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