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We created this page as a resource to aid anyone wanting to help raise mesothelioma cancer awareness.  If by chance you are unfamiliar with the word “Meme”, it is simply a descriptive term for a picture that is readily available to share across all social media platforms and is perfectly formatted in a square.

We invite you to scroll down and view our collection and we urge you to save and share as many of our mesothelioma memes as possible! You have full rights to use our memes!  We do, however, ask that you please do not remove our watermark or the “@TreatMeso”.

The following is not required, but we would like to humbly request that you please tag us in the photo that you share.  This will allow us to further our outreach and hopefully by you sharing one of our memes, we will be able to help someone that is suffering from mesothelioma cancer.

Amazing things can happen when people rally together and change can only occur if people are aware of the problem.  So please, choose a mesothelioma meme below and share it today!

Picture used as a sectional page divider.

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Picture used as a sectional page divider.

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