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Feng Shui for Mesothelioma & All Cancers

Depending on the stage of mesothelioma, patients are offered different treatments. Sometimes it is surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy or a combination of two or more. However, they are free to take up any alternative treatments like Feng Shui along with it to aid the overall healing procedure. It may not cure cancer, but at least treat the symptoms, improve the quality of life and also reduce the side effects of the medicines.

Feng Shui is there for centuries now. Today, it is used as a calming measure. Though there isn’t much medical evidence to support this theory yet most of the patients do look up to Feng Shui for internal peace. It is a Chinese practice which recommends boosting the inflow of life energy or “Qi” by making certain changes in the surrounding environment. Even the patients go for this as a symptom reliever because it’s non-invasive and absolutely natural. Therefore, it is safe. Patients cannot eradicate mesothelioma with Feng Shui but garner great benefits like reducing the pain, trauma, and anxiety.

In Feng Shui, the practitioner attempts to create an environment that encourages positive energy by relocating the man-made environment in locations which got an abundance of Qi. It is also believed that Feng Shui helps people to recover.


According to Feng Shui practitioners, positive changes in the patients’ environment can also help to repress the progression of the tumors. It could be done, by simply shifting bed to the place where Qi is good. You need to hire a Feng Shui practitioner who would visit the home and examine how energy flows, the geopathic stress points that affect the energy of your house. After studying, he would suggest how you can improve the stress points.

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How Can Feng Shui Help People with Mesothelioma?

Expected Cost of Feng Shui

It cannot cure mesothelioma, but doctors find no harm in coupling it with a traditional treatment. It is going to balance the environment and be an outlet for positive effects and well-being. With Feng Shui, patients feel they have improved the flow of energy and feel less anxious or stress. But this is not a substitute for traditional therapies.

There are several Feng Shui practitioners these days. It is very hard to identify the excellent one. However, the good Feng Shui practitioners would share a questionnaire with you and even have sliding rates. It largely depends on the size of your home, its location and décor changes and so on. Nevertheless, one consultation may cost you anything between $300 to 1500.

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Benefits of Feng Shui

Your home is your mirror, which is capable of holding some vibrations. Such vibrations can hinder the path of healing as presently everyone is getting detached from nature and its energy. Thus, Feng Shui helps you by balancing the energy within the home, body, and life. The home, hospital room as well as the personal space should feel like a sanctuary with peace and serenity. It helps the patient to the heal and relax. But, Feng Shui shouldn’t be your first option. Isn’t it good if a positive change in your room décor brings a positive change in your life?

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