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People struggling with cancer like mesothelioma, always look for different ways to alleviate their pain and stress that come associated with the diagnosis. Patients seek for new ways to overcome the side effects of the treatments without adding more drugs to their prescription. For this, many of them have turned to Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment. OMT is a hands-on treatment that relieves the muscle tension and alleviates pain.


Dr. Andrew Taylor Still invented this treatment method at the time of the Civil War which he named ‘osteopathy’. It is based on the concept of the osteon, the functional unit of the bone that makes the foundation of disease diagnosis. In the year of 1892, Dr. Still established the American School of Osteopathy in the state of Missouri.

The musculoskeletal system of the body plays an important role in osteopathic medicine. According to the osteopathic doctors (DOs), there are some healing powers within the body that stimulate through several manual treatments. Some employ craniosacral therapy (manipulation of the skull) while some employ visceral manipulation (treatment of the visceral organs like intestine and stomach, clear the blocks between these organs and the body).

According to the American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine, there are four principles of osteopathy. They are:

  • The human body owns self-authoritarian systems with self-curative powers.
  • The body is an active component of function.
  • At every stage, the structure and function are interrelated.
  • Standard cure stands on these rules.

Osteopathic doctors are licensed medical physicians. Besides the traditional investigative and treatment gears, they use their hands to analyze and cure the disease. In the initial visit, they check your overall posture, joints, muscles, ligaments, spine, balance as well as your hands and feet. Depending on the data collected from the exams and your medical history, they develop a treatment plan appropriate for your health condition.

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Why Choose Osteopathic Medicine?

Expected Cost For Osteopathic Medicine

Most of the osteopathic doctors would attest that OMT may not cure cancer, but it impacts the biology of the cancer cells in such a way that they impede to thrive. Generally, patients struggling with the common side effects of cancer treatments who underwent OMT confirmed that it has a positive effect on problems like nausea, headaches, fatigue, joint and muscle pain. Even mesothelioma patients who took osteopathic treatments admit that it reduced their stress and anxiety.

Generally, the initial session fee ranges from $100 to $450 for 60 minutes. It also depends on the location and experience of the DOs. The subsequent visits can cost you around $60 to $370. Do check it with your insurance plan, as most of them cover a portion of it. Also, you can consult your doctor or health care facility for a certified osteopathic doctor. They can guide you to a voluntary organization who can provide you to service at reduced or free of charge.

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Benefits of Osteopathic Medicine

Like any other complementary treatments, you must discuss the prospects of OMT with your doctor before going for it. It is not recommended for the patients whose cancer has spread to the bone as it engages hands-on treatment of the joints and muscles. Some osteopathy doctors avoid maneuvering over the cancer-affected areas as it may stimulate the tumor and bloat it. It is important to discuss and share all your medical data with the DOs. Combined with conventional treatments, it has shown some positive impact on the mesothelioma patients making it an effective palliative treatment for mesothelioma.

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