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Virotherapy is a genetically modified virus. It is used to attack cancerous cells and is becoming an increasingly feasible treatment for mesothelioma. It has been known for years that viruses can attack cancer, however this knowledge has not been able to be applied to a safe cancer treatment. Currently the potential of using a virus as a cancer treatment is being studied in clinical trials in many places around the world.

The correct use of virotherapy treatment has the potential to dramatically increase the survival rate for mesothelioma patients. Many of the treatments have produced good results and have already proven to be helpful in other cancers and in some cases leading to remission.

Some patients are still very unresponsive to chemotherapy as a treatment for mesothelioma. Virotherapy could be an alternative for these patients. However, the greatest potential is its ability to help patients with advanced stage mesothelioma. At this stage surgery is no longer an option for the majority of patients. Virotherapy could feasibly prolong their survival rate by preventing the cancer from spreading. Another benefit is the fact that it has minimal side effects since the virus is altered to leave healthy cells unharmed.

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Virotherapy Clinical Trials

Treatment by means of virotherapy is showing promising results as of late clinical trials.  They have yet to make it official but this is the only way for mesothelioma patients to take advantage of this innovative treatment. There are currently several trials that are ongoing and have shown some great results.  To name a few, the vaccinia virus (GL-ONC1) and the measles virus (MV-NIS).

A virotherapy clinical trial may be for you if:

  • The asbestos-related cancer is too advanced for surgery to be an option.
  • The tumors are too large and have spread throughout the body.
  • You haven’t responded well to neither chemotherapy nor radiation.

Although specialists are working tirelessly on searching for a cure, Mesothelioma is still too rare and there are limited treatment options available.  Since it also takes so long to diagnose mesothelioma, it usually is already too late.  Clinical trials are an important tool in the fight to control mesothelioma and greater improve your life expectancy.

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